RugbyX is the new, exciting, World Rugby-approved, 5v5 format of rugby, which launched in October 2019.  It consists of intense, non-stop 10-minute matches with more tries, tricks and tackles, attracting new, younger audiences and participants to the sport.  Two years after RugbyX’s initial conception, ground-breaking technology allowed us to install a custom-made 4G pitch into London’s O2 Arena (in just six hours!) and welcome ten leading international men’s and women’s sevens teams to compete in the inaugural event in front of a packed arena audience and live on ITV and across other networks globally.  Find out more about the journey of RugbyX here.

International men’s and women’s sevens teams competed in our 2019 RugbyX event – see results here. Follow us on our social channels or sign up here to be the first to hear about which teams will be competing in our future events.

Unfortunately, Covid-19 impacted RugbyX events planned for 2020, but we will have some exciting news to share soon about future events. Sign up here to be the first to hear about dates, venues, players, and tickets. Watch this space!

The first official RugbyX tournament at the O2 was played as a World Rugby-approved law trial.  The key adaptations are shown on the Rules page of our site. 

Since our inaugural event we’ve loved seeing videos from around the world of people playing in a manner inspired by RugbyX and receiving your questions about how to get involved – as our Technical Director, Ben Ryan, says, it’s all about core skills of run-tackle-pass! 

When planning your own tournament, please keep in mind these simple rules.

1) Can I call my event “RugbyX”?

 To avoid confusion between third parties and our own official RugbyX events and content, we’ve registered our “RugbyX” name and logo as trade marks and, together with all related service marks, names and logos, refer to these as our “Official RugbyX Content”.  Our Official RugbyX Content is protected by applicable trade mark, copyright or other intellectual property law and we limit its use accordingly.

However, we may from time to time permit the use of our “RugbyX” trade mark solely in the title of events which are for non-commercial purposes, such as charity tournaments. If you are interested in doing this please contact our licensing team as we will need to give our prior written approval.  

We reserve the right to decide whether something is non-commercial at our sole discretion. If we’ve given you our written approval to use our name in your non-commercial event, please do make sure that you refer to yourself as an “unofficial” RugbyX event and don’t represent yourself directly or indirectly as our representative or as being an official RugbyX event.

Unless we have a written contractual agreement in place, we don’t allow third party use of our “RugbyX” trade mark in the title of any events which are for commercial purposes. If you are interested in discussing these opportunities, please contact our licensing team.

2) Can I use your Official RugbyX Content to promote my own events, products or services?

 We don’t permit any third party use of our “RugbyX” trade marks or any other Official RugbyX Content for commercial purposes, unless you’re one of our official partners or licensees and have a written contract with us for such use.  If you’d like to discuss these opportunities, please contact our licensing team.  If you’re an existing official partner or licensee, please follow the specific usage guidelines for Official RugbyX Content provided to you in your contract with us, and if you have any questions let your usual point of contact know.

3) Does my own event need to be sanctioned by World Rugby or my domestic union?

 We’ve worked collaboratively with World Rugby to ensure that our official RugbyX events are properly sanctioned and that our variations to World Rugby’s Laws of the Game are approved for use in our international events, but unfortunately we can’t sanction other RugbyX-inspired events.

If you’re looking to organise your own rugby event you should always contact your domestic union to receive approval and confirm it complies with the regulations of your national union and that the correct insurance is in place.

Yes!  Please do share our social posts and feel free to link to anything on our website or social channels, but please don’t download our material and host or embed it directly on your own site without our prior written permission.  Further detail on this can be found in our terms of use.

We love seeing videos and photos of people inspired by RugbyX, so please tag us on social - [@RugbyXOfficial] and send through your content to info@rugbyx.com

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